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"Master in the House," which is also known as "All the Butlers" & "Jipsabu," is an SBS variety show that airs weekly, every Sunday, with their current members, Lee Seung Gi, Yang Se Hyung, Kim Dong Hyun, Eun Ji Won, & their recently added maknae, Doyoung. They also have former members, or students as they fondly điện thoại tư vấn them, over the years, such as Yook Sung Jae, Lee sang Yoon, Shin Sung Rok, thân phụ Eun Woo, and Yoo Su Bin.

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The show aims khổng lồ learn & gain knowledge with the cast visiting và spending a day or more with masters who are reputable, famous, or figures of various fields & professions who can giới thiệu their wisdom và experiences. The show started off with the masters spending time with the members in their houses, but the show eventually evolved eventually and developed into a show where learning và entertainment meet. Sometimes, the show also invites one-day disciples who would be the guests to lớn also join in the learning experience alongside the cast members.

The show started on December 31, 2017. It served as the first comeback variety show of Seung Gi after his discharge from the military, as he promised SBS before his enlistment that his comeback variety show would be with them. They originally consisted of Seung Gi, Se Hyung, sang trọng Yoon, & Sung Jae và were called Sang
Jae together.

On December 29, 2019, it was revealed that Sung Rok would begin appearing in episodes as a fixed cast on January 12, 2020. Original cast members quý phái Yoon & Sung Jae left the show on February 11, 2020, during Episode 111. In Episode 114, Dong Hyun joined while Eun Woo joined in Episode 116, now as new members of "Master in the House." Eun Woo và Sung Rok left the show on June 20, 2021, with their last appearance as regular cast members during Episode 177. Yoo Su Bin then joined as a fixed cast thành viên on episode 180 and graduated from the show, and left the show after his last appearance during Episode 215. Eun Ji Won joined as a regular cast thành viên after his guesting starting on Episode 216, followed by Doyoung who joined in as a regular cast member after his stellar performance as a guest, with his first episode as a member in Episode 227.

Here is the first part of the must-watch episodes of "Master in the House," which will include theepisodes from the first episode to lớn Episode 111!

1. Episode 1

The first episode was definitely a delight to lớn watch as it first introduced the members of the show, starting from the showcase of Seung Gi"s life after his enlistment, their first meeting before the show proper, Sung Jae"s role model, Se Hyung"s flex as a fashion king, & their huge prank to the variety show newbie lịch sự Yoon to make him adjust right before they meet their master. P.S. There"s a refreshing girl group who they stan & called them to lớn invite them khổng lồ the show!

2. Episode 2-3

Master:Jeon In Kwon

Watch the members who finally meet their first-ever master, who seems eccentric yet left a profound impact not only on the members but on the viewers themselves. Get into the world of honey powder và rice crusts, drawing time,the start of a battle on who would sleep beside the master, their midnight meal escapade featuring Seung Gi"s military meal kit, & their tearful goodbye with their firstmaster as they watch him perform live exclusively for them.

3. Episode 6-7

Master:Choi Bool Am

The members anticipate a great time as the master was said to lớn come from Pyongyang & the coincidence that it is currently a cold winter, not lớn mention the call hint coming from Taeyang!To spend the night with the master, the members compete khổng lồ stay out longer in the cold snow.The members becomeimpressed with the master"s friendships, & as a token of their own friendship, Sang
Jaegoes out to lớn the snow forest for resolution.

4. Episode 8-9

Master:Youn Yuh Jung

For the first time, the master"s house cannot be used since all water pipes were broken due khổng lồ the freezing cold, so the members decide where they should film among the own houses of the cast members. As they settle in, the members were tested on their acting skills as the master watches their abilities while they are given detailed and challenging situations. They also vày a funny trò chơi at night and decide who among them would be the one khổng lồ wake up the master through a song.

5. Episode 12-13


The members meet the Queen of K-Pop & join her in her life as a trainer & counselor of idols in the same entertainment agency.They prepare special meals for master Bo
A because this is her first home party. They huddle around, converse, & speak about their professional life as artists.On the second day, the members perform on stage as a new idol group, "Master"s Way."

6. Episode 14-16

Master:Park Hang Seo

The cast members travel overseas together for the first time to lớn meet master Park Hang Seo, the manager of the Vietnamese national soccer team. The members showcase their fame in Vietnam as they make their way to the airport. In the meantime, the players compete to lớn become the master"s soccer team"s captain. They also challenge the master with kicks, & they battle out lớn be with the master in his room alongside the million-dollar prize through sour lemons.

7. Episode 16-18

Master:Cha In Pyo

Seung Gi finds himself crying from laughter when they meet master phụ thân In Pyo who he finds strangely similar lớn him. They also celebrate the variety rookie thanh lịch Yoon"s 100th day since he joined in as an entertainer by asking him to vì chưng a special gratitude greeting. He also spreads his YOLO agenda và asks them to do things until they have time.

8. Episode 19-20Master:Pomnyun

They meet their ninth masterin the mountains with a wide field and farm, whoinsists that they should work lớn have meals and starts farming for a self-sufficient life. They spend time with the Buddhist monk who teaches them to lớn leave their desires and meditate, & at night they go wild with the cold waters they found in the bath.

9. Episode 35-38

Master:Shin Ae Ra

To meet the new master, the members travel lớn LA. They receive an invitation with a task. Their goal is to carry out the master"s orders. The master sends a posh limousine to lớn transport the members to Beverly Hills và tour the well-known landmarks và eat delicious local cuisine. Prepare for a fun and heartwarming series of episodes as the members cốt truyện their feelings towards each other & meet Ae Ra và former master In Pyo"s well-loved children.

10. Episode 39-40

Master:Kim Byung Man

By having them set up tents and start fires on their own, Master Byung Man challenges the group khổng lồ live in the jungle. He brings unique items so he may prepare a nice dinner for them. The master sends the group members to the airport on the second day, where he challenges for his ambition. One of them gets khổng lồ grip the control stick as they board the aircraft together.

11. Episode 46-47

Master:Son Ye Jin

In this episode, the members celebrate the first anniversary with Son Ye Jin, starting up with their starstruck reactions khổng lồ the actress & giving pilates a try.They recreate her most iconicmovie moments, but it can be challenging to lớn gain her approval. The members take on the role of master for one another because it is a special episode. The class turns into a wonderful các buổi tiệc nhỏ as they discuss how lớn be hip at the karaoke in their own ways.

12. Episode 62-63

Master: Kang Hyung Wook

Lee Hong Gi, Bo Ra, and Crush all join the show as guestswith their xinh đẹp dogs, with Seung Gi bringing his dog, Perro, for today"s episode, alongside their master, the dog whisperer, Kang Hyung Wook.They alsovisit Busan khổng lồ meet Hyung Wook"s old friend, Leo who servedas a police dog for the past eight years after being separated from Hyung Wook andcelebrate Leo"s retirement ceremony.

13. Episode 68-69

Master:Firefighters Bae muốn Gi, Hong Beom Seok, mang đến Myung Soo, Lee Jin Hee

The membersget ready to meet their special masters whilewearing the masters" uniforms, và surprisingly, the masters fall from the sky. They experiencethe 4-on-1 physical training challenge, rappel training, & first aiding in emergency situations. They also put their learning by trying khổng lồ put off an actual fire andjoin the actual duty of the Rescue Team and Emergency Medical Team.

14. Episode 70-71

Master:Jung Doo Hong

They meet a master who has a huge experience in Hollywood, and they experience his talent and skills. They experience stunts some of them haven"t experienced, with different weaponry and situations that make them khuyến mãi with various props. After they have learned various kích hoạt acting skills, they experience the basic skills themselves and giảm giá khuyến mãi with complex car stunts.

15. Episode 72-73

Master:Lee Seo Jin

They go abroad again và travel to japan with a master who is lượt thích a friend & travel mate.The travel mate shows his unexpected charms và shares his personal connection lớn Aomori. The members and the mate enjoy the great nature of Aomori & play a game to win the single room. They also spend time teasing their naive master from time to time, while providing entertainment for themselves.

16. Episode 82

Master:Hur Jae

They meet the legendary basketball player turned coach, Hur Jae, who teaches them skills và special ways in basketball, only to lớn realize và see that most of them have innate basketball skills. From Seung Gi, who makes miracles happen, Sung Jae, theblank canvas & absorbs lessons very quickly, sang trọng Yoon, who loves basketball the most among all sports, lớn Se Hyung, who might be small but is very swift & athletic, they all enjoy until the exhibition game.

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17. Episode 85-86

Master:Park Ji Woo and J. Black

The members take the challenge of learning khiêu vũ from master Park Ji Woo, an expert in the ballroom, & master J. đen who takes expertise in hip-hop và street dances. After a time of practicing & learning khiêu vũ skills, they memorize routines và choreographies & eventually perform in a huge crown khổng lồ showcase what they learned.

18. Episode 87-88

Master:Shin Seung Hwan, Jang na Ra, Yoo Byung Jae, Peniel

They take on a special where their master is their best friend, with the members bringing in their best friends lớn the show. The members & their best friendsfirst test their compatibilities and eventually try on rides that can be relatively scary for some but enjoyed by some friends. At night, they play multiple games to lớn bond over and do the crowd"s favorite noraebang.

19. Episode 91-92

Master:Park Chan Ho

The members meet with the legendary professional baseball player, Park Chan Ho, who exceeds what meets the eyes, and is one of the most talkative masters ever. As they spend time learning about the humble beginnings of the player and meeting his family, they also learn more about him, and they eventually play baseball with him và his friend. The members eventually display their shocking baseball skills và athleticism.

20. Episode 95-96

Master:Lee Young Ae

The legendary actress, Lee Young Ae, makes a very rare appearance in a variety show as she becomes the master whom the members meet alongside her beautiful family. The members meet the polar oppositefraternal twins, with Sung Jae & Seung Gi finding themselves immersed in the Frozen fever & Sang Yoon and Se Hyungfinding themselves immersed in a science lesson. They also spend a night calling their friends and learning more from Young Ae.

21. Episode 97-99

Master:Kim Byung ManKim Byung Man becomes the very first master who became a master two times, now filming abroad & going to the beautiful country of New Zealand. The members first fight among themselves for their allowances and to find whom would they would be traveling with & finish a mission together. They also experience firsthand Byung Man"s flight talent & experience things that they can only experience in New Zealand, marking many memories together.

22. Episode 100-101

Master:Jang Joon Hwan, Moon So RiThe members meet a blockbuster couple as their masters, who shows huge liking towards the members, particularly Seung Gi. They also help the members realize their dreams of being able khổng lồ direct their own movies by holding a film festival among themselves. They gather together at night to lớn watch the movies they have directed on their own and react to lớn them, but of course, the masters would not miss out on the fun & showcase an emotional closing film.

23. Episode 102-103

Master:Jang Jin Woo

Sung Rok has finally joined in as a permanent và regular cast member of Master in the House, và what could be a greater welcome by making him experience a variety show firsthand. They meet the master, who is the coach of the South Korea National Representative Cheerleading Team, who will teach them how lớn smile always, lớn trust, và to vày the simplest down to the most complex of steps và choreographies that they will eventually perform alongside the cheerleading team.

24. Episode 104-105

Master:Pak Se Ri, Choi Byung Chul, Kim Dong Hyun, đến Jun Ho, Kwak Yoon Gy

The episode showcased all athletes who brought pride và honorto their country by winning in their fields và fighting for their skills. The members find themselves in an unending vault of learning, with each of them learning from each of the master"s sports & experiencing them firsthand too. Some of them showcase the undeniable potential that the masters have seen themselves.

25. Episode 108-109

Master:Park Hyun Bin, Hong Jin Young
The members find themselves in a trance as they enter the world of trot withtheir masters, who are great trot singers in their own right. The members find themselves singing alongside their masters, & the masters find themselves fighting for the members they want khổng lồ recruit for their team performance. The two masters are completely different from each other, but both are equally talented, making the members work hard too for their trot performance.

26. Episode 110-111

Master:Lee Se DolThe members meet the genius Go player, Lee Se Dol, along with a very refreshinggirl group. The episode becomes one of the most tearful episodes in the history of the show as the episode marks the graduation of their beloved members, sang Yoon & Sung Jae, with appearances from their beloved masters khổng lồ bid them goodbye và send them off in a good note. The members also feel emotional, but they know that they will meet again because this is not a permanent goodbye.

Here are only some of the many episodes that you should check if you want lớn start binge-watch Master in the House! This is only the first part, but we surely recommend you khổng lồ watch each episode filled with learning as we learn alongside the members who meet their masters.


Director Park Hang-seo "My wife & I were kidnapped at an airport in Vietnam... Trauma" ('Master in the House 2')

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▲ SourceㅣScreen capture from SBS entertainment program 'Master in the House 2'

Former Vietnamese national football team coach Park Hang-seo revealed an episode in which he was kidnapped at an airport in Vietnam.

Park Hang-seo appeared as a master in the SBS entertainment program 'Master in the House 2' broadcast on the 26th.

On this day, Park Hang-seo revealed that he & his wife were kidnapped at an airport in Vietnam. He said, "I took a vacation for 3 nights and 4 days on Vietnam's Independence Day and traveled khổng lồ Cambodia with my wife." I thought he was someone who knew me."

Park Hang-seo explained the situation at the time, "When I asked if it was a taxi, he said yes, so I took it. But as soon as I got into the taxi, the sound of the music was strange. I know the way to lớn my house, but I had to take a four-lane road from the airport, but I suddenly fell into a mountain road on the right."

He confessed, “When I asked where I was going, he said he was going khổng lồ the office.

He continued, "I went about 100m and parked the oto in an empty lot. Under the dim green light, there were dozens of people sitting in groups. When I asked what it was, they said it was an office, got out, brought papers, và asked me to sign an autograph." We quarreled, and when I opened the car door and got out, these friends were drinking tea & said, 'Oh Park Hang-seo, Mr. Park'. A guy like the captain came and got into a fight with the driver.

Park Hang-seo said, “I felt lượt thích the captain said, ‘Why did you bring Park Hang-seo?

Meanwhile, 'Master in the House 2' is broadcast every Sunday at 4:50 pm on SBS.

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